Dentakeeping is helping clients in the following ways

Balancing Income

We know dental software (yes, nearly all of them), as well as the procedures you conduct. We know insurance carriers, PPOs and DMOs; we know insurance adjustments, when to take them and when not to. Therefore, you can speak with us knowing that we know dentistry.

With this service, we will conduct all the following, which allows us and/or you to follow income all the way through to entering it into your accounting software and the bank. We verify that your daily income balances and we make sure nothing funny is hiding out in your adjustments.

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Processing Insurance

Posting insurance is a favorite task at front desk. Sure, it’s rewarding seeing this money coming in; meanwhile, who is calling on patient balances and aging claims, filling holes in tomorrow’s schedule, calling recall and unscheduled treatment? This is where you can get even more money coming in!

Insurance is one of the most time-consuming tasks of your front desk. For a practice that produces about two million, this task can take about 15 hours a week. What else can that staff member do with 15 extra hours?

Outsourcing insurance posting to us, adds a level of accuracy and security to safeguard your practice. Insurance adjustments are often where mistakes are made and potential theft is hiding. If mistakes in adjustments were discovered in an audit conducted by an insurance carrier, it is your license and livelihood on the line. Our system helps to eliminate that and other risks.

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Preventing Fraud

Let’s face it, the ugly truth is that fraud occurs more often in dental practices than any other discipline in healthcare. We don’t like to sow seeds of doubt in your mind regarding your staff, or the protocols in your office, but we don’t like to see heads buried in the sand either.

There are many factors that contribute to dentists becoming victims of fraud but rather than discussing how it happens, let’s talk about how we can help detect it and prevent it.

While no one can claim 100% fraud prevention, the services that we offer can eliminate the opportunities for it to happen.

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Managing Revenue

You’re a dentist. It isn’t easy learning and maintaining the business side of your practice. Then finding, hiring and trusting someone else to do it for you may feel like an even more daunting task. Outsource it to us!

We make sure the books are in order, daily, weekly, monthly taking the surprise out of where your balances truly stand. Every month we make certain that your Dental Software, matches the Bank Statement, matches QuickBooks Profit and Loss (or your accounting software). That’s right, this is completely achievable!

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