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Let’s face it, the ugly truth is that fraud occurs more often in dental practices than any other discipline in healthcare. We don’t like to sow seeds of doubt in your mind regarding your staff, or the protocols in your office, but we don’t like to see heads buried in the sand either.

There are many factors that contribute to dentists becoming victims of fraud but rather than discussing how it happens, let’s talk about how we can help detect it and prevent it.

While no one can claim 100% fraud prevention, the services that we offer can eliminate the opportunities for it to happen.

The audit and fraud prevention element of our services is two-fold:


On-Site Audit:

We can conduct a full onsite audit of your practice which can help uncover fraud, theft, and inefficiencies, or reveal opportunities for improvement in your protocols.

  • An on-site audit consists of a visit by us to your practice
  • We spend from 4 to 8 hours during a day that you are seeing patients and we follow your normal business day all the way through its cycle
  • We walk away from the audit with notes, reports, and examples
  • We sit down together to compare our findings
  • The result is a comprehensive report we deliver back to you that includes but is not limited to:

        Financial audit findings, risks, pitfalls, suggestions for improvement

       Operational inefficiency findings, risks, pitfalls, suggestions for improvement


Continued Auditing:

If you outsource your bookkeeping to us, we will audit your practice daily, weekly, monthly. We will watch your money for you all the way through the business cycle so you don’t have to.

At the end of the day, you are exhausted. The last thing you want to do is review the day sheets, audit trails, charges, adjustments, and petty cash transactions. Your time is more valuable.

For many dentists, hiring someone to complete these tasks and trusting them to do it correctly and accurately is the solution. However, placing all your trust in one employee without observing or monitoring the books yourself can make you vulnerable to fraud. Don’t become a victim!



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