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Posting insurance is a favorite task at front desk. Sure, it’s rewarding seeing this money coming in; meanwhile, who is calling on patient balances and aging claims, filling holes in tomorrow’s schedule, calling recall and unscheduled treatment? This is where you can get even more money coming in!

Insurance is one of the most time-consuming tasks of your front desk. For a practice that produces about two million, this task can take about 15 hours a week. What else can that staff member do with 15 extra hours?

Outsourcing insurance posting to us, adds a level of accuracy and security to safeguard your practice. Insurance adjustments are often where mistakes are made and potential theft is hiding. If mistakes in adjustments were discovered in an audit conducted by an insurance carrier, it is your license and livelihood on the line. Our system helps to eliminate that and other risks.

How it works:

  • We establish a remote connection to a computer in your office
  • We have a user ID and password in your dental software (we know most all of them!)
  • We have all the logins to your carriers from whom you receive EFT (direct deposited payments in your bank) so we can retrieve these EOBs
  • Your staff scans all the mailed insurance checks into a pdf file, drops those in a shared file on your server that we can access, and then they send the money to the bank. (Yes, they are literally done in 15 minutes!)
  • We post your insurance daily and balance it to what cleared the bank
  • We split claims for which there are partial payments
  • We send all follow up for re-submissions, x-ray requests, etc. back to office

The cost of outsourcing this to us is pennies on the dollar. To put it in terms you understand, one or two more completed crowns a month will cover our services. We safeguard your practice from fraud and income loss that can be hidden in the insurance adjustments, and we allow your staff to focus on contributing more to your bottom-line by re-utilizing this time elsewhere.


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